About Me

Hello, my name is Ren. <!-- This line is persistent-->

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I am a data scientist at IBM, I enjoy design and implement machine learning algorithms to solve challenging problems. My day job is around enablement of data analytic capabilities within IBM Watson Health, so, my day to day work is pretty Data Engineery and sometimes DevOpsy. As I am devoting more and more time and effort to Deep Learning, I am hoping to transfer to a machine learning / deep learning engineer position that better matches my interest and passion. Before that happens, I am practicing deep learning on Kaggle, please feel free to send me a note if you are interested in teaming up with me, or if you can introduce me to opportunities. 

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I have two Master's degree, one in information science where I did a thesis on about feature extraction from collaboration networks for recommendation system. During my second Master's program, I studied statistical modeling and its application in business settings. In case you are curious, my undergrad major is English language and literature and I learned about coding and math from books and MOOCs (over hundreds finished in two years) on my own.

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My dad is a professor in computer engineering and my mom is a writer. I think that I like what they do equally and find myself now doing both at the same time: discover and tell the story of data.

When I was not mugging data and tuning models, I love cooking and running. My body fat percentage is 11% and I am trying to reduce it to below 10%. I am a fan of SE's role-playing games and Blizzard's strategy games. I used to be top 500 on Warcraft III TFT ladder for a few seasons, and I was one of the main tanks in the guild that took the first kill of Archimonde in Chinese World of Warcraft server in the BC expansion. However. as I am getting older (: - <) and busier playing with data, the only game I occasionally stumble upon is Hearthstone... Oh no, I just picked up a controller for my iPad and started playing mhfu which I loved so much during my undergrad days...