R Workshops I hosted recently

I am hosting a small workshop every week for more than 2 months now at Bentley University.

Basically, I was introducing machine learning and data analytic using R. These workshops are about one hour and a half each time, and I usually would spend 7-8 hours preparing materials. I find that the process is actually extremely helpful to me as well.

The thing I am concerned the most is how I can use examples that is easy enough for people without much tech and math background to get enough intuition and understanding. Some of the people attend my workshop actually seldom do any coding in R( or any programming language),

I guess the fact that they still came every week is the best proof that I been doing a good job explaining procedures like cross-validation, bootstrapping or the algorithms behind K-means and decision trees or building intuitions of SVM and PCA.

If you are interested in taking a look at the materials for my workshops, you can find them here.


Here is an example slide for our workshop.

We will start doing Kaggle competitions from November, or at least... I will start doing that again in November and share my experiences.


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